[Lee Yong-guk Park Ye-jin reporter] Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) subsidiary ‘Com2us Platform (CEO Jae-Joon Song)’ announced on the 9th that it signed a business agreement with Metabus specialist ‘Wide Brain (CEO Hye-won Jung)’.

This agreement is for the application of the Hive Software Development Kit (SDK) of ‘HERE We AR’, and Heroes is augmented reality (AR) tour content that has been officially serviced since the end of last year. Currently, you can experience adventure services at Taejong University, Yura-ri Square, and Seoul City Science Museum.

Heroes are provided with content development and operating elements by applying the Hive SDK this month. Easy login functions, payment functions, marketing for content services, and statistical functions can be used. It also provides global services such as responding to more than 80% of the world and supporting different information protection laws by country.

Game platform Hive has been expanding its area to methubus-based content services through this joining the Heroes since its opening last year. It will be converted to an open platform in the second half of this year.