Bob is one of the rarest gloves in the Roblox SLAP Battles universe. Unlike other gloves that you can buy for in-game currency, slap in the face, the only way to get a bob glove is to get bob Baj . To get the Bob icon, you must call Bob in the game arena and make him touch the body of your character.

How to call Bob in Roblox Slap Battles


To call Bob, you need to wear Replica gloves. Go through the main lobby and choose Replica gloves. You need to pay 4000 slaps in the quality of the board to get a replica of gloves. Having received gloves, jump into the usual arena mode and try to create a bob. It is quite difficult to call Bob, since the chances of getting Bob 1 : 1000 . If you create a clone of yourself instead of a bean, drop your life with drop the character button from the menu item.

According to many Roblox SLAP BatTles veterans, reset your character increases your chance to appear Bob. Repeat the cloning step using Replica gloves and restarting until Bob appears in your lobby. As soon as Bob appears, he will aim at the nearest player in the arena, make sure that you are the closest player to him, and he will come to you.

He will touch you as soon as it turns out to be close enough, and you will get a bob badge. Use the icon to access and get a bob glove from the main lobby. Remember that Bob will not disappear from the lobby if you again do not use the gloves-priests by mistake.

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