The new PS Plus will give us the opportunity to enjoy games of all PlayStation generations. In this way, the option is provided that the youngest prove classic titles that they could not enjoy age for age, and that those who did we could remember authentic jewels. But, nostalgia is a dangerous ally that can end up turning against when we try to evoke beautiful memories.

Surely the has happened to you wanting to review a movie or series that has marked you in childhood and, that when you see it older, you have not been the same feeling as then **. Sometimes for the moment and sometimes for age, we usually lock things that mark us. That is always there, but it gets dark a little when we relive it at another stage of our life.


The nostalgia factor dilemma

With video games it also occurs, with the handicap that it is the sector that has evolved the most, especially in relation to the game mechanics. It is something to take into account when we put ourselves in front of the screen of a classic . Not everyone has aged equally, especially at the dawn of the 3D games. And that’s why I have a special fear with Syphon Filter.

If you ask me about my play of favorite PlayStation games, surely Syphon Filter would be among privilege positions. At that time, third-person action games were the predominant genre, and many tried to replicate the success of Metal Gear Solid . Few approached, but the truth is that Gabe Logan was at the height of Solid Snake .

The trilogy that was launched in the mythical PSX was glorious. It combined thrilling phases of action with others of infiltration that overflowed personality, thanks to the use of the iconic tcess , with which to leave enemies out of combat without releasing alarms. We also had mischief in fighting against final bosses that were hard to crack, and in which we had to follow strategies, such as turning off the lights of a park, in order to end them.

In addition, there were different locations with which we were traveling all over the world in polygonal form. From the mythical subway station where everything starts, to the rocky mountains and endless places that made us get fully into the experience. All this, accompanied by a plot that seemed taken from a Hollywood movie; Because at that time, we didn’t ask much more.

Why am I so afraid?

It is a much simpler answer than it may seem. The combat mechanics that have the game are not currently grateful. The game has a self-applied system, which is usually what was most used, which makes the fighting that then made us feel like James Bond, now look quite simply **. And unless the movement has been conditioned, it was quite cumbersome to use the weapons with manual pointed.

I think that all this will simplify the legend after this saga, of which, most, we remember with enormous affection. It is not a problem of Syphon Filter, but rather of its gender . It will happen to you with other similar cutting titles except for honorable exceptions. But if you play a J-RPG as Vagrant Story, this feeling, for example, will be less.

My greatest fear is that PlayStation takes as a reference the acceptance of Syphon Filter on PS Plus for a possible resurrection of the brand . I don’t think feedback is too positive. I am sure that many will criticize control, their mechanics and ask why this triumphed. But of course, that ignoring the times, the saga has potential to be able to make a more elaborate reboot , with its things to the uncharted and the gear metal .

It seems difficult, but who knows. What is clear is that the drawer of memories, and nostalgia can be a double-edged sword.