Niantic announced the upcoming watches and raids Pokémon Go for June 2022. Players can count on a completely new set of raids and selected Pokemon, which can be caught within a month.

Clock of the raid in Pokémon Go in June 2022

The raid clock pass every Wednesday of June from 18:00 to 19:00 local time. They give players the opportunity to catch Pokemon, usually legendary, with the help of other coaches. In total, in June there will be five hours of raids covering three different legendary items.

kiogre -June 1
Grouds -June 8
Grouds -June 15
MUTU ( will know the move Shadow Ball )-June 22
MUTU ( will know the course psystrike )-June 29

attention in Pokémon Go in June 2022

The hours of attention are concentrated on one Pokemon and significantly increase the speed of its appearance. This allows players to hunt for good IV Pokemon or brilliant versions of monsters, which are rarely found in the wild. In June, there will be four hours, the last of which is currently unknown to the players.

Nose passage ( June 7 )-a double candy for the capture of Pokemon at this hour of attention.

Mantin ( June 14 )-a double candy for the transfer of Pokemon during this hour of attention.
Spinarak ( June 21 )-double experience for evolving Pokemon during this hour of attention.
??? ( June 28 )-???

* All Pokemon marked with an asterisk can become brilliant at a meeting.

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