Football Manager 2021: How to find and install skins

When it comes to UI design, Sports Interactive had to listen to criticism from the fans several times. Custom skins are therefore all the more popular. Football Manager is equipped with several skin options in 2021. You can find this under “Settings”. The most important difference there is the brightness or darkness, since many players prefer dark skins.

Football Manager 2021 - How to get custom skins in fm21
If, on the other hand, if you want a skin with significantly more changes, such as the fonts, the designs and the arrangement of the screen elements, you are dependent on the community:

  • One of the most famous addresses is
  • also offers numerous skins.
  • The selection of FMBlog is also very popular.

The downloads are all free of charge and available without registration. Then add the Skin file on your Windows partition under “User”, “Documents”, “Sports Interactive”, “Football Manager 2021” and then “Skins”. The path is almost the same as when installing tactics. In the game you can load the new skins under “Settings”.