Materials are required in V Rising to create a new equipment and improve your castle. Animal skins are an important resource in the game, as it is required to create the skin to make the next level of armor. Here is the best place for farm animal skins.

How To Get A Horse In V Rising

Wolf lair

Animal skins can be obtained by killing creatures that appear throughout Farbane Woods. The best location at the beginning of the game for the farm animal skins is wolf lady . You will need to defeat the skins of animals here. This is the lair south of Farbane Woods, where the wolves and the Alpha Wolf v Blood boss will always appear.

How to make the skin

To create Nightstalker armor, you first need to turn animal skins into a skin. This is done construction of a leather factory in your castle . To build a furnace requires 8 boards and 160 animal skins. Place animal skins in the input section, and the skin will begin to clean. For one skin requires 16 animal skins. Create.

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