Lost Ark Destroyer Gameplay Preview | Next Warrior Class | MMORPG 2022
Already tomorrow, May 19, the western version of the popular MMORPG LOST ARK will receive a major update of Destined for Destruption. In anticipation of such an important event, Amazon Games and the Smilegate developer released a new trailer that demonstrates the new Destroyer class. It is a “real tank” with a high stock of health, the ability to generate shields and apply heavy attacks with a huge number of Stragger Heron.

Not only the new class is part of the May update. The new Raid “Valtan Legion Raid” will allow players to test themselves and their teammates in heavy battles with commanders. This raid will be divided into two versions: normal and heavy complexity. For the first GC, the player should be at the level of 1415, and for the second – 1445.

In addition, another raid “Deskaluda Guardian Raid” will appear. The required level of the HS for him is 1415, and you can go through both solo and as part of a pre -prepared party or with automatically selected other players. The award for its completion is similar to the one that is issued in the Valtan Legion Raid raid, including a new rare Relic.

Of course, these are only one of many changes in Destined for Destruption. For more detailed familiarization with all innovations and adjustments, those who wish can familiarize themselves by clicking on this link.