During the last financial call of WWE, there was information that now the development of a new role -playing game based on resling, which is being intended to announce in the near future.

No more details were presented, so it remains only to guess who acts as a developer, and for which platforms the upcoming RPG is being developed.

However, on the basis of a short statement from the main brand director of WWE, Stephanie McMahon can be made. She noted the long -term high indicators of mobile games such as WWE Supercard from 2K and SCOPELY WWE Champions.

New WWE RPG Game Confirmed, WWE 2K22 Success & More!
Therefore, perhaps we are waiting for a role-playing game about reselling on smartphones, although the last WWE 2K22 was still able to achieve commercial success and good reviews from the community. As McMahon notes, they were able to return “the trust of fans and customers, creating a game that exceeded their expectations.” So we will not discount RPG accounts for res of and for large platforms.