The publisher and developer of the Quantic Dream video game turned 25 years old, and its founder David Cage decided to write a post on this occasion, where he talks about the first game of the studio, Omikron: The Nomad Soul, thanks the fans for support and affects several more important topics.

One of them is the success of their last work, interactive Advent Detroit: Become Human. To date, its sales have reached 7 million copies, which allowed the studio to become an independent publisher, producing not only its products, but also projects of other developers.

Detroit: Become Human Collectors' Edition - Overview
Cage also mentioned the opening of the second studio in Montreal and the Star Wars Eclipse announced last year, which will become the most ambitious project in the history of the studio. That’s just, according to the rumors, we will have to wait for this game for a long time (at least until 2027) due to problems with hiring specialists for development.