Since their first appearance, many have wondered how dokure, or invisible girl, is actually seen. Throughout the series, and due to her chirk, it has been impossible to see this character beyond her gloves and boots. However, recently we had a look at this character in an official manga chapter. In this way, the mangaka responsible for _ My hero academy _ has shared an illustration that finally fulfills the dream of many fans .

Through his official account on his Twitter, Kohei Horikoshi shared a special illustration where we can see Hakure and Kirishima in a special suit . What most attracts attention, is that we finally have a great look at invisible Girl in person.

INVISIBLE GIRL’S FACE REVEALED! Aoyama’s Sad Backstory! - My Hero Academia Chapter 337

Although his hand covers part of his face, ** This is still the best look at Hazkure since the series began. At a fairly emotional point for the series.

Regarding manga, The story took a break , and in a couple of weeks we will return to normal. In related issues, this is Dabi’s origin as a villain. Similarly, Czech this new toga illustration.

Editor’s note:

Many’s dream has come true. Although we will surely not see the Hazkure face in the manga, this illustration will give rise to endless fan art, and probable appearances of invisible girl in Spin-off with a new visual style.