Webzen Taiwan launches Mu Arc Angel 2 and is actively targeting the global game market.

Webzen launched the official service of Taiwan on Mobile MMORPG ‘Mu Arc Angel 2’ on April 28.

‘Mu Arc Angel 2’ was ranked 1 in iOS shortly after its launch, and it was ranked No. 1 in the Google Play Store on weekends.

Webzen has expanded the game server from two to 15 to accommodate the rapidly growing ‘Mu Arc Angel 2’ users in Taiwan.

Webzen expects to increase sales rankings thanks to the rise in the popularity rankings of both app markets.

Webzen analyzes the high recognition of the ‘Mu Arc Angel’ series of ‘Mu Arc Angel’ series and the excellent localization work. Webzen directly serves ‘Mu Arc Angel 2’ through ‘Webzen Taiwan’ for efficient game services and aggressive market targeting.


Webzen’s ‘Mu Arc Angel’ series is an IP (Intellectual Property), which attracts much attention in the Taiwan and Southeast Asian game markets. Since 2020, Webzen has been actively launching the ‘Mu Arc Angel’ series in overseas markets. The previous work, MuA Angel, launched its official service in five Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) in 2021, starting with the launch of Vietnam in 2020. did. Especially in Vietnam, the company has achieved the rank of sales of both app markets and received a response from local users.

Webzen will continue to add game servers so that local users can enjoy ‘Mu Arc Angel 2’ and focus on securing new members by preparing various new contents and events.