Sniper Elite 5 promises to give players a real setting of weapons. According to the diary of developers on the sniper elite web site, players can now modify their weapons in accordance with their style of the game. Sniper Elite 5 will allow players to choose how they want to fight, unlike previous games, in which the main attention was paid to secrecy.

Sniper Elite 5 - 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

How does weapon setting up in Sniper Elite 5 work?

As you pass the levels, you will find workbench (at each level of three). From these workbench you can unlock various devices, such as sights, silencers, butt, muzzle brakes and much more. The addition, removal or adaptation of various elements of your weapon affects four key characteristics: power, rate of fire, control and mobility.

Not only this, but also the appearance of each weapon will change depending on the investments. You can recreate some rare and interesting weapons of weapons from the Second World War, such as the experimental G43 under a smaller cartridge of 7.92 × 33 mm Kurz (used in MP44). The developers visited the royal weapons chamber with the great historian Jonathan Ferguson to get inspiration for various settings.

The developers promised the opportunity to make weapons for running and shooting, secrecy and intermediate styles.

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