From the interview of WoW Influencer MRGM with Blizzards Lead Combat Designer Brian Holinka, we have already learned that All peoples in WoW in the upcoming extension of Dragonflight Schurke, Magician and Priest can play. MRGM was also able to elicit some details about the new class, the caller (Evoker) . This class is bound to the new Drachen people Dracthyr. He wanted to know from Holinka whether there are certain rules, similar to hero classes such as death knights or the demon hunter, which occur when the caller is characterized. For example, certain rules were for death knights that you could only have one pro server.

The rules for creating the new Rufer class in WoW Dragon Flight

Brian Holinka: “I would like to explain the details precisely because I know that this will be a big deal. The first dracthyr on your account has no other restrictions than that you have to buy dragon flight . Additional dracthyr can only be created on a server on which someone already has a character of level 50 and which is not already a Dracthyr. Initially there will only be one dracthyr per realm . “

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If you delete the Dracthyr, you can of course create a new 1. Everyone can create a Dracthyr the first time, but if you want to create a second one later, you have to have level 50 (with a different breed/class) and you can only create one per realm.

The same rules apply to the caller of the Dracthyr as at that time in the death knight: only one Pro Realm and for every other caller on other realms are required. These restrictions are likely to be relaxed later. How do you like this rule? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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