Kuro no Kiseki Episode 1: Van Arkride (PS5) (Commentary) (Zerofield Subs)
Faced with the inevitable decline in sales of the trails on the valiant but aging PlayStation 4, the logical solution for Falcom consists in accelerating its multiplatform strategy. This is why The Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki will be available in a PS5 version on July 28 in Japan and in the rest of Asia.

A Steam version published by Clouded Leopard Entertainment will also be available on July 28 with texts in Chinese and Korean but not in Japanese (and even less in English). As for the PS5 version, it will be sold 5,800 yen (42 euros) in a box or 5,500 yen (40 euros) for download and should allow Falcom to grab a few thousand sales, even if the owners of the game on PS4 N ‘ will have that a tiny right of passage of 110 yen (compulsory in Japan) to obtain the PS5 version and transfer their backup if they are in the middle of the adventure. On PS5, the RPG will appear in 4K and 60 images per second with some more features such as a high-speed mode, the possibility of adjusting the size of the texts as well as the archives to find out about the previous chapters of the Saga Trails.

But for those who have 15,000 yen (110 euros) in his pocket and 500 hours ahead of them, the best is still to afford the complete box that Falcom will market in Japan on July 28 on PS4. This box includes the four episodes of Trails of Cold Steel as well as Into Reverie trails. The latter, who makes the link between the adventures of Rean Schwarzer (Arc Erebonie) and those of Van Arkride (Arc Calvard), will be released with us somewhere in 2023.

Closer to us, remember that The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is expected on September 30 on PS4, Switch and Steam.