Intra Games (CEO Bae Sang -chan) announced today that it will launch a global launch of the ‘Ultra Age’ PC version to Steam.

‘Ultra Age’ is a high -speed action game developed by the indie game company Next stage and a game graphic company Visual Dart. It was released. Developed with Unreal Engine 4, it attracted a lot of attention at the time of its launch, showing outstanding action and gameability of more than indie games.

The ‘Ultra Age’ PC version has trimmed various ways, including graphics, gameplay and other content. The overall part of the background and the entire chapter graphics quality, and the appearance of the main character ‘Age’ also improved. In addition, the frame improvement, graphic options, difficulty and game level designs were adjusted. Some have modified in -game play elements for pleasant gameplay.

Ultra Age - PC Gameplay [4K 60FPS]
In the case of sound, it was fully recording the existing English Japanese voice to enhance immersion. We also added various bugs and in -game options for PC users.

In addition to improvement, free DLCs will be provided to provide additional fun in the second half of this year. The free DLC includes end content for users who have cleared all the story mode of the game, as well as logite -style gameplay, introduction of growth through various selections, and collecting elements.

The improvement and additional information of ‘Ultra Age’ will be applied to the PC version, as well as PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch ™. The console version will be applied in the future as soon as possible.

On the day of launch, Next Stage will hold a live streaming event to meet with global gamers closer. From April 28 to April 29, from 11 am to 12:00, respectively, the characteristics and improvements of ‘Ultra Age’ will be introduced to global gamers. To watch, check the ‘Ultra Age’ page in the steam.

Representative Kang Hyun -woo said, “Thank you again for showing your interest in ‘Ultra Age’ for about seven months after its launch.” I hope this will be recognized for the possibility of more than indie games. ”

‘Ultra Age’ PC can also be purchased at Intra Games’ ESD (Electronic Software Distribution Network) Po Game in addition to buying steam.

Meanwhile, ‘Ultra Age’ is a game that is a game that advocates ‘high speed action’ and avoids enemy attacks in time, replacing various types of swords in real time, continuing various combo attacks, or quickly approaching enemies far away. He emphasizes many fun factors for fast and brilliant action, such as ‘Critical Rage’, which explodes energy, strengthens yourself, and ‘weapons destruction attack’ that destroys weapons and inflicts powerful attacks.