Never run out of ideas when it is necessary to propose dedicated gear for Gamers, Razer has just announced the arrival and immediate exit of Leviathan V2, the new model of his sound bar equipped with a subwoofer. Five & ns have elapsed from the V1 in 5.1 and a lot of things have been adjusted and added for this new version to become indispensable. To begin, if the device is dish, we realize that the Razer Leviathan 2 is composed of 2 broadband speakers, 2 passive radiators, 2 tweeters and an enclosure of projected extremes. This will make it possible to mix both the clear and net treble with deep and powerful bass so that the immersion before his PC is the most total possible. This time, we moved to Standard 7.1 with In addition, Thx Space Audio technology that the green snake brand has changed over the years. The other small asset of the device is that it is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, which should guarantee a stable connection, especially when moving from one device to another.

Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Unboxing & Review

And of course, Razer requires, this Leviathan V2 is powered by the brand’s RAZER chroma RGB technology that specifies that the bar of its embarking with it not less than 18 light areas. As usual, it will be possible to personten its settings via a mobile application and have the opportunity to match the sounds of its games (or movies) with a bright ballet from the most beautiful effect. It is otherwise seen that the design has evolved since the first model, with a more square format, in the sense with more pronounced and less round contours. It is also the subwoofer that has changed the most, with a less lifestyle and imposing aspect. Note that the speaker has detachable feet to allow players to adjust the sound bar at the perfect angle to better integrate it under the screen.