Horizon Forbidden West regularly gets new patches to improve the gaming experience of the Open World Adventure. While most fixes fix about bugs, others are bolting on balancing, what the fans do not always look forward to. For example, an update had annoyed legendary weapons, which was resolved later, but nevertheless caused properly displeasure in the community. Similarly, it could look with the new adaptation from Update 1.12, the Stealth fans makes life heavier.

Update 1.12 Nerft Stealth at big machines

The relevant Patch Note from Update 1.12 ensures that Aloy can not stay hidden if it is too much damage at larger machines:

  • The stronger middle and large machines go to fight if they lose 35% of their health on a blow.

Specifically, that means that Aloy is automatically discovered if it is too much damage at once at the machines concerned – even if it is hidden well. Especially for players * inside, which set to a stealth build, is the frustrating. Compared to its predecessor Zero Dawn, the all-way popular tripcasters, which are wonderfully suitable for unseen procedures, were already generated in the successor. Now Stealth Gameplay will be more difficult for everyone who likes to play Aloy as Assassine.

It depends on the damage: After all, the change only refers to aloy to 35% of the lifeboards at once, not if the machines have lost a total of 35% life. So if you go wise and do not pay more than a third of the lifeboards of the affected machines at once, can still remain hidden – but this value can not even be so easy.

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All innovations in Horizon

In addition to this adaptation, of course, the new fix also requires a lot of other changes, including a pile of bug fixes, which, for example, make sure that Aloy can not lock in the base in the toilet. What put everything in Patch 1.12, we listed here together with patch notes.

This is certainly not the last update for Forbidden West, not least fans still wait for a NG +. There are also evidence of possible DLCs, such as a mysterious island, which lies outside the limits of the game world. And although a possible continuation is still in far away, Guerilla Games seem to work on the preparation for a third part.

Do you bother you at the Stealth-Nerf or are you rather headful in the fight?