There is a growing speculation and concern that dios of the Ragnarok war – the sequel to PS4 and PS5 of 2018 _dios of war – will be delayed again, this time out of its release window from 2022 to 2023. To this end, a developer He responded to this rumor and reaffirmed that the game will be launched this year. When this year, the developer does not say it, but an autumn / vacation release seems more likely at this time.

The reaffirmation comes from the hand of Bruno Velázquez, director of animation of the game, who, when a player of PlayStation asked him to ensure that the game will arrive this year, he tweeted “Ragnarok is coming this year.” This was all the developer said, but it was enough to crush the concerns of many.

So, why so many PlayStation fanatics were worried first? Well, because it is almost May and you still do not know when the game will be launched. In fact, the game still has to give up the head this year and its marketing campaign has not yet begun. And if the game will be launched this year, it will be necessary to date it soon if you are going to have a traditional marketing campaign.

God Of War Ragnarok - State Of Play Coming Soon?! Game Update! Delays, Release Date & More!

Many God of War fanatics thought that the game would have his great day yesterday, April 20, on the fourth anniversary of his predecessor, but obviously this did not happen.

Inos of the Ragnarok War is under development for PS4 and PS5, and is scheduled to launch at some point this year. Next, you can read more about the next game:

“Together, Kratos and Atreus enter the depths of the nine kingdoms in search of answers while the Asgardian forces are prepared for war,” is read in an official comment on the game directly from Sony. Cross the kingdoms and face fearsome enemies in the form of Nordic gods and monsters. As Ragnarök’s threat approaches more and more, Kratos and Atreus are choosing between the safety of his family and the safety of the kingdoms… “