The Shadow of Themis is the TEARS OF THEMIS Gacha system, which presents various types of banners, from ordinary rotation to banners limited by events. Banners, limited by events, are additionally classified depending on the type of event to which they are attached, which makes the GACHA system a bit confusing.

Special events that occur four times a year are the birthdays of the main characters. That’s all you need to know about them.

What is the banner of the birthday in the “tears of the femids”?

As the name follows, the birthday banner begins a few days before the birth of the main character and ends a few days after it. So you can expect birthday banners to appear in approximately the following dates:

Artem Wing: April 26
* Marius von Hagen: June 21
* Vin Richter: September 27
* hatch pier: 5 December

Banner for a birthday is Solo banner in which there are only postcards corresponding to the birthday man. This pool includes New SSR card for a birthday at raising the tariff as well as the existing permanent SSR of the main character from the usual rotation of Shadow of Themis.

For example, on the birthday banner of Artem 2022, you can draw the following SSR:

  • “Two hearts like one” (postcard for the birthday of 2022)
  • “Loving memories” (permanent SSR)
  • “Atmospheric” (post. SSR)

Chance to get SSR for a birthday above, with a probability of one percent against 0.3 percent for permanent cards.

How does pity for banners for the birthday in the “tears of the femids”?

System of regrets for birthday banners is unique because it guarantees a limited SSR birthday for 90 cras . This means that you will not be afraid of any of the permanent SSR at the mark of 90 sick. Applying a permanent SSR before you press pity, also Do not run a meter of pity for reset .

For example, if you pull the permanent SSR for 60 attempts, you need only 30 to get a guaranteed ssr for a birthday. As soon as you get the birthday of SSR, the pity meter will be reset.

It is also important to know that the pity counter for the birthday banners is not used in conjunction with other limited banners and event banners . But it transferred to other birthday banners , regardless of the male role. For example, if you failed to get SSR for Artem’s birthday in April, but it was possible to make 75 sipping, this number will be transferred to the marius day banner in June, so you need only 15 sips to guarantee SSR for the birthday of the latter.

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