Necropolis OSS-goal in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an extensive area in which there are 20 happy bones scattered around the world. No side quests are required to gain access to any of the areas where bones are. The map hides a lot of Lucky Dice in crevices, locked rooms and ruins, which makes it difficult to search. This is all Lucky Dice locations in Necropolis OSS-goal in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

All Locky Dice locations

Players will have to go through the entire main quest to find all the happy bones in necropolis OSS-goal.

Happy dice game 1

Behind the turn before going to the main quest, there is a platform for which players can jump for this. Happy death . Jump on a wooden platform on the left, and then jump on the second platform makes this first cube easy.

Happy dice 2 game

On the right of two chests is a cliff, on which happy death can be found. It immediately after the first wave of enemies.

Happy dice game 3

Closer to the end of the first section of the level is happy death . On the floor at the base of the platform, you can find a staircase at which players can climb on it.

Happy dice game 4

Before climbing the stairs to the next area with vending machines, Happy death can be found in its lower part.

Happy bone game 5

Turn to the left as soon as the players go out again, “one more happy death . To get to it, you can jump on the nearest box. There is Scroll in the room next to it, which is locked by a push pad found nearby.

happy dice 6

Coming out of the zone with vending machines, turn right. Happy death This requires a long jump. The switch can be found next to it.

happy dice 7

A Happy death You can see on the platform requiring the jump. We go around the left and jump from the platform with chest , players can lean to land near the cube. Access to it can be obtained by jumping on the boxes to get to the chest, and then jumping with the next platform.

Happy dice 8

To the right of the exit to the site during the main quest there is a small corridor with Happy death . He is hidden for drawers that players can break in hand-to-hand.

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happy dice 9

In the corner of the map there is a small room, where happy death can be found next to several boxes. He is under the stairs.

happy dice 10

Closer to the center building with a cracked in the wall. Inside is Happy death found at the end of it.

happy dice 11

This happy death is located next to the Renaissance point, which is under a number of buildings. If you lie down from there, then on the right, in a small room.

happy dice 12

A Happy death You can find on the roof of the building. To get to the top, you need a little parkura. Using drawers and lampposts, players will fall on top.

happy dice 13

The shown switch unlocks the barrier in the background, where happy death can be found. He will be back in a small corridor.

Happy dice 14

As soon as the players get to the room with a member of purple fluid on the bottom, Happy death You can find an open-air platform on the left.

happy dice 15

After the room with a broken floor , happy death can be found in the corner.

happy dice 16

At the end of the room before climbing the elevator, there is another happy death . It is left in front of the staircase on a wooden platform. Players can get to him, jumping on broken posts nearby.

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happy dice 17

Coming out of the elevator, players can find Happy death for drawers in a large wooden barrier.

All 20 Ossu-Gol Necropolis Lucky Dice Locations Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

happy dice 18

On a wide open platform after elevator Happy death You can find the left behind the barrel.

Happy bone 19

To the right of the arena, where the players fall after the elevator, there is a room with a happy death **. The room is drawn to the center, inside the chest.

happy dice 20

At the very end of the level is the last happy death . It can be found to the left of the purple crystals.

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