The Wave of Fortnite follows its course after the arrival of the way without construction, arriving to see many players return with huge desire. Surely more than one remembers with love the first map that came to the game, the broken weapons that existed as the Mechanics of the Double Pump or even the basic constructions that were made but that worked quite well. Well, Epic Games wanted to give a nostalgia blow bringing back one of the objects that most headaches brought us during their first weeks: Jetpack .

This propeller backpack was one of Battle Royale’s attention centers for quite some time, making many leaving the game definitively or send more than one complaint to the Epic offices. But in general, the object worked well and became a recurring object every so often. Now, with all the changes that the game has had in recent months, the Jetpack will not be available on either side of the map.

Jetpack location on the island of Fortnite – Season 2 Chapter 3

Jetpacks as such will not be difficult to find , as they are located in the airships that are currently available around the entire island of Fortnite. However, we must remember that they are places where many players fall and it is likely that we have to be skilled with weapons or escaping to be able to make ourselves with one of these objects. Thus, propellant backpacks will be available in theirs located on top of the following areas:

  • Condominium cannon
  • Tilted towers
  • Creamy crossing

Where to Find Jetpacks in fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - All locations For Jetpacks in fortnite
* Calurous reels
* Control cavern

We still do not know until when these curious objects will be available at the same time controversial, but is likely to hold up to the last collets of the season when these airships disappear, crash or destroy part of the current map that provokes arrival From an event that welcomes the new season of Battle Royale more successful in recent years.