Sega Co., Ltd. is a popular TV anime “Re: De-World Life Starting from Zero” Official Smartphone Game “Re: Life Life Lost in Memories (hereinafter referred to as” Rizelos) “,” April 4 From the day (Mon), in commemoration of the birthday of Kurshu, we will hold a “Kurushu Birthday Memorial Exchange Event”.

“Rizelos” download is here!

# “Kurushu Birthday Memorial Exchange Event” Overview

# # Holding period

April 4 (Mon) 12:00 to April 17 (Sun) 23:59


During the period, we will hold a “Kurushu Birthday Memorial Replacement Event” where you can get a luxurious reward according to the number of acquired birthday gifts (Kursh), which can be obtained when you play the training dungeon, the training dungeon, and the abyss of memory.

The “Birthday present (Kursh)” won “Birthday present (Kursh)” can be replaced with a training item such as the memory crystal “I do not go together ★ 3” and various “crush pieces” and “purple paste”.

# “Krush’s Birthday Login Bonus” held

# # Holding period

April 4 (Mon) 0:00 to April 4 (Mon) 23:59


When you log in on the day of the birthday on April 4, we will also carry out the “Krush’s Birthday Login Bonus” that you can get “Kurushi’s fragment”.

# “Re: Different World Life Lost in Memories Starting from Zero”

“Re: Different world life Lost in Memories” starting with zero is a game for television anime “Re: Zero starting from zero”.

We started service on September 9, 2020, and now over 3 million downloads (as of February 2021).

The player will be the main character “Subaru” and can track the story of the anime.

From there, you can experience the branch of destiny to “if story” “if you are doing another choice…”.

Furthermore, we produce “game original new story”. All of them are produced by the full supervision of the original and Nagatsuki Hataka.

In addition, you can create a favorite “Re: Life starting from zero” appearance character, challenge the battle and foster.

# “Re: Different world life starting from zero”

A novel work in the publication of MF Bunko J (Kadokawa), who started from a web novel by Mr. November.

The ability of a different world summoned protagonist, and the time of death is the ability of “return to death”, and the story and attractive character with hopeless destiny are popular, and the original novel is up to 29 volumes It is on sale.

In 2016, it was television animated in 25 episodes in 2016, adding a new cut to TV anime in January 2020, and the first recent edition edited by 1 hour program is broadcast, the second term from July The first half of Cool, and after January 2021 Cool was broadcasted.

In addition, the commotion version Chapter 4 is in series with monthly comic alive.

# “Re: Doggest Living Lost in Memories” Overview Overview

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