The recent update of Sentinels in No Man’s Sky presented a number of new additions to the game. This includes new multitulas, starships, drones and enemy guards. One of the most exciting supplements to the Sentinel fleet is the new Hardframe EXomech. This unit is deployed along with other forces of guards and is equipped with a variety of weapons. Players can defeat them and steal the drawings of advanced technology to improve their exomech minotaur to the reprogrammed hard frame of the guard.

Get the Hardframe ExoMech Upgrade in No Mans Sky Gameplay 2022 Sentinel Update
To get hardframe improvements, players need to start the TRACE OF METAL mission. This mission begins after the player accepted the post of the warden in the settlement. The first part of the mission includes the protection of your settlement from the attacking forces of the guard. Drawings and items necessary to create their own drone will fall from the defeated guards. Interact with your drone, and he will give you the coordinates of the nearest watchdog. Follow the coordinates to find the pillars guarded by the Fleet of the Guardians, with three nodes surrounding it. Destroy all the guards, then proceed to destroy three nodes.

As soon as it is completed, you will be allowed to interact with Pillar Access Node. It will give you right hand Sentinel Hardframe Plan. Then talk again with my drone to get instructions for installing the HardFrame update to the Moretaur. Just call your minotaur with Geobay or Summoning Station on your cargo ship and proceed to install ARM update.

We will again need to interact with drone to get news that in your settlement trouble. Upon arrival, interact with the settlement control terminal in the caretaker’s office, and NPC will appear. React to the situation as you think necessary, and then interact with your drone again. Drone will send us to a place in another system, where we will see a planetary manufacturing enterprise. Win all the guards, blow the door and activate the module inside the building. It should give you left hand Sentinel Hardframe Plan. As usual, call your drone, and he will tell you to install the item. Having done this, teleport back to your settlement.

Returning to the settlement, interact with the Terminal in the caretaker’s office and interact with the NPC. Finish it, and you will get the third drawing – Feet Sentinel Hardframe . To install this update, you will need Sentinel Hardframe Engine, which usually falls out of Sentinel Walkers. After installation, interact again with your drone to get instructions to Sentinel Walker.

Follow the instructions and win the walker. After the victory, go to the big head fault to gather impeccable brain . Then mining a multitool headdress to collect a normal walker brain . The untouched brain that we collect here is an integral component for installing the brain of a step in your exome.

Now we need to go to the anomaly and give the brain of the walker of the theth. In return, they will give us frame case Sentinel Plan. To install it, we will need Radiant Brain. To get it, we need to go to space and jump into a pulse engine. As soon as the mission tells you to stop, disconnect the pulse drive to see the atlasm1. Present the primordial brain, and it will turn into a shining brain. Now everything that remains to do is install the last component in EXOMECH to turn it in the hardframe combat robot.

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