G2 ESPORTS has become the Spring Split champion of LEC 2022. The Samurai set has achieved its ninth title at the maximum European League of Legends competition interrupting a drought of trophies that has only been prolonged for one year. Express Reconstruction that accelerated in the phase of qualifiers, where they have managed to win a total of twelve consecutive maps to get the trophy. The last three, before a Rogue that returns to lose an end to which he arrived as a favorite.

The Renaissance of the Old G2 ESPORTS

The expectations of G2 ESPORTS during the spring season were to settle a novel project for the organization. Neither ocelote nor club sports managers have been characterized by patience and project formation from promises. The samurai were that team that only signed stars and wanted to succeed since before yesterday. They showed it with the signing of Rekkles and ratified it with their equipment output. However, neither the arrival of flakked nor the bet for targamas were in that direction.

The only options for the equipment passed through the phrase “_i caps returns to its best level.” A sentence that repeated seemed almost parodic and who trusted more with religious faith than with arguments in the second coming of the prophet of the Mid Lane. However, as it happens with the lies, the desire a thousand times repeated it became reality. G2 ESPORTS central lane has returned to its best version as a professional of League of Legends being the key piece of perfect at the bottom of the playoffs and, especially, at the end of LEC Previous Rogue.

The Danish player was unleashed along the tie, long surpassing Larsen, who saw him again as he was not the protagonist in the rain of Confetti. It was the rebirth of Caps, the return of a cavested case of the only old companion who still kept at the side of him. JANKOS, with a very high registration of participation in the casualties of G2 ESPORTS during the final, was the great ally of the Danish in the achievement of a Title of SAC that returns to change the story of an organization that only knows how to win.

flakked and the death of ideas

Post Game Lobby - LEC Finals: RGE vs G2 (Spring 2022)

Although the prominent figures in the end of the end of League of Legends have been those of the veteran faces of G2 Esports, the key has been in a collective change that has had flakked as a great protagonist We have weakness for the “tetoncite”, but that is not what weighs us to emphasize it as the third protagonist. The shooter did not start winning and was not even considered the Best Debutante Award from the SPRING Split of Lec 2022, but the victory of the Samurai Club can only be explained with a change built around him.

After an absolutely monodimensional regular phase in which we got used to seeing flakked ignored even by Support of Him and without any help, the team has been able to change the necessary pieces to find the best version of it. With many more aid the shooter managed to be a prominent player, being one of the key men in 11 of the 12 victories of G2 Esports at the bottom of the playoffs . Only the last meeting was resisted the player after a series of bad decisions at the collective level that, everything is said, then he knew how to solve in a brilliant way next to the rest of the team

G2 ESPORTS has not only won his ninth Lec Title against Rogue thanks to the performance of Caps and Jankos. The team became the deserved champion of the European League of Legends because of Flakked’s communication improvement, the stylistic metamorphosis of Broken Blade and the growth of Targamamas. However, there is a subsequent reason: The death of the old ideas and the split of the word “super. Two stars surrounded by three talented players but especially malleable and that they still had the dream of proclaiming champions.