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Best of Charles Leclerc Team Radio

“The Sun”: “Wizard of Oz. Charles Leclerc seals the victory at the Grand Prix of Australia.”

“The Guardian”: “Area, inviolable, Ferraris Charles Leclec won at the Grand Prix of Australia with an almost unconcerned serenity. Ferrari has delivered the car, and Leclerc clearly proved in Melbourne the safe hand of a prospective champion.”

“Independent”: “If he (LECLERC) can maintain the sensational form he has been on the day so far this season, then his outstanding flair of carefree could determine the formula 1 for foreseeable time. “


“Gazzetta dello Sport”: “The Flying Prince. Ferrari is like a rocket. Leclerc is a cannibal. Imola expects the Red King. No one brings him right now. And the World Championship is no longer a dream. Ver stop -Pen: Max, it’s almost over. “

“TuttoSport”: “Charles the big”

“Corriere dello Sport”: “The Beauty and the Beast.”

“Corriere della sera”: “Reclerc. Leclerc is a star, a cannibal, a perfect boy for all mothers, daughters and Tifosi with good taste.”


“Marca”: “Leclerc inexorably (…).”

“AS”: “Worse is not, except Leclerc (…) Overwhelming victory for Ferrari.”


“L’équipe”: “Leclerc and Ferrari, that’s solid.”

“Le Figaro”: “An inviolable Leclerc wins in Australia, stages loses a great style.”


“The Age”: “Charles Leclerc has turned the race in Melbourne into a procession, and there was little of the exchange that the fans usually hope to see. The reality is that sport sometimes is like that. A team can dominate (…) because it has done everything right, and that was certainly the case with Ferrari this weekend. (…) The Scuderia now seems to have a car that is a very serious candidate on the World champion title is, and a driver with enough coolness and professionalism to preserve a cool head (…). “


“Look”: “Trapping OUT – LECLERC builds WM guidance!”


“Kronen-Zeitung”: “Charles Leclerc celebrated its second season win in this year’s Formula 1 World Cup. After the start-up in Bahrain, the Ferrari pilot also won the third World Cup run in Australia on Sunday. In Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne celebrated the Monegasse a sovereign start-finish victory with the fastest round, but also benefited from the failure of Max stages in the Red Bull. “