From nowhere, and after the whopping 31-year-old figure, Ron Gilbert announced on Twitter the return of Monkey Island with all the team that made history in this our hobby. RETURN TO MONKEY ISLAND It is right now one of the most expected games for those who grew up on oval screens and ball mice. And by other so many who discovered this wonderful saga years later, of course.

Return to Monkey Island - Official Announcement Trailer

The Ron Gilbert Return

Ron Gilbert’s work is world-famous and before this expected ad We had the previous work of it at Thimbleweed Park, another modern graphic adventure that showed that this genre can still give much more of itself. But this is not a new game. It is not any 1. It is the continuation of a saga that Ron left in the hands of another time ago, insufficient time for our delicate and promptly brain to forget a small part of The Secret of Monkey Island.

Thus, in Meristation we have prepared the most comical insults, we have papped two good Gorg jugs and with sword in hand we will tell you the 7 wishes that we expect more for Return to Monkey Island.