Yoshito, I was looking forward to buying a game with a part of the breath from my parents.

However, it is a discount game in the wagon sale that you can buy it. He was grasped a considerable loss. If you put up for a few times, you should buy a price of this price for a few times, but always lose to your visiting desire…… Well then, I enjoyed it with a feeling of drawing a lot of Atari.

This time, PC software “ vampire survivors ” for PC. This work is a 2D Rog Like action that destroys the enemy’s large group that appears full of screens while collecting weapons and items. The player does not only move the character… This simple feature is the biggest feature.

In fact, early access for this work was started December 2021. It’s a topic, which is gradually talk about the impact of popular streamers and a word-of-mouth review of gamers, and now produces many players. Moreover, the overall rating of the STeam user review is “ overwhelmingly popular “.

And what you want to do more, the price is 300 yen (the price will increase in the product version)! I’m not cheaper than I was buying that time I was buzzing! Moreover, it is likely to draw a wedge that I know that Atari comes out so much.

# Level up & new weapons are destroyed with enemies!

Select a player character before the start of the game. However, you can choose in the early stages only Antonio.

Other characters are released when promoting the game. Apparently the character seems to be different for initial equipment, movement speed, and unique ability.

Antonio, I’m out of trouble!

Start suddenly without opening. Operate the character at the center of the screen.

Since the attack is performed automatically, the player is in battle Movement only for up, down, left and right . In other words, you can operate with WASD key . It is convenient!

It is a basic way to fight and strengthen various weapons while avoiding enemies that will attack from all directions.

Antonio’s much is forwarded forward at a few seconds.

In other words, you must face the enemy to attack. Well, it is natural, but in fact, it is only a hand, and it can not be grasped easily and attacking easily.

Guide to one place and collect the enemy that will attack from all directions…… Times the timing of automatic attack! And again run away!

Hit & Away Method was successful and finally up. If you defeat the enemy, crystals appear and pick up it.

Every time you go up, you will get one weapon or item.

If you choose what you have already owned, the level of weapons will rise and the effect will be strengthened.

The enhanced mutch could be repeated backwards and no need to look back on one by 1. It is convenient! I will go up and more about the level!

However, I was careful about the collection of crystals, and I did not notice the appearance of new enemies…. **

And, more and more enemies appear, make a flock and come back into the character…… Murari It seems like a worm like afford to flock!

It does not seem like a lightning insecticida that is a convenience store or a convenience store! ?

# Get various weapons and eliminate blind spots!

The first play has been killed by 4 minutes.

It may be better to collect various weapons without strengthening the same weapon.

The cross is a weapon like a boomerang. It is likely to be a pretty attack power if you combine with Muchi.

Garlic has a weapon that damages enemies approaching the player character. Those like thin films of the above images are the attack range.

Since the boss has been attacked by a boss, the attacking effect can be seen as it hurts.

However, care must be taken that it will be vocoboconous if you overtob to garlic and get too close to the flock of enemies.

Besides, we will increase the weapon, such as a wand that fly magic, and a knife for playing fast attacks forward.

At the time of level up, items that improve the ability of weapons, moving speed, and defense can be obtained. There is a level as a weapon, and the more you get, the more effective.

Muchi, head and right knife, extensive cross, random attack flame wand, and garlic without enemies, and strengthening weapons by items…… Antonio will be said that the Antonio is integrated! I feel like I can lose to……

It looks like “I love you” **……

The enemy is getting stronger and strong over time, but it is no longer an enemy in front of Antonio who is no longer fully fever! Then, the surrounding enemy disappears at 30 minutes from the start of the game!

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“** This is a stage clear or a stage clear!? I did it!

Suddenly, the death gender appears!

HP was scraped out of mind without getting moving… I was killed.

# Power up before the dispatch and overthrow!

That death rim… How can I win?

Well, I still have enough strengthening. If it is decided so, it is a further strengthening time!

On the Menu screen before the dispatch, you can use the coins picked up during the game to buy various items. These are always likely to activate the effect if purchased once. **

Also, when a specific condition is satisfied during the game, the player character and the weapon are newly released.

By the way, in the previous play, it has been defeated by the grim reaper, but when survived for 30 minutes, the new stage was released as it will be treated as stage clear.

At the large library stage that spreads left and right, enemies different from the first forest appear. But what should be done together strengthens the weapons and destroy the enemy withdrawally.

When the level of the weapon is MAX, evolve into a weapon with a new effect. It was still ahead of strengthening! Other weapons will evolve more and more!

The evolved weapons not only increase the attack power, but also more widespread damage.

I feel good and I feel good ~ ~ …… Wait a minute.

Numerous enemies and effects, damage numbers…… What is the game screen no longer?

And after 30 minutes from the start of the game, the death greetings appeared. It’s strengthened by this, so I should surely get down…

, I was killed again!

…… This is the final way!

“Vampire Survivors Dead”…… Yeah! Wait, Death God!

At first, I thought it was like a mini game that can be enjoyed freely, but if I notice it, I was addicted enough to play over 70 hours.

It seems like a simple game because it only uses the WASD key, but in the state surrounded by a large enemies, there is a depth of thinking about how to stand around, so it is not a simple eye. Furthermore, it is very impossible to try or mistake how to strengthen the player character.

Also, Points to be noted that the stage and player character have been added one after another due to a sustained update. I thought that all the elements were released and I thought it was not likely to play still!

“Vampire Survivors” is under early access to PC.