CYBERPUNK 2077 may have counted on meter transport system transport system . The ambitious video game of CD Projekt Red had its first _tetransport systemer in a distant month of May 2012, almost a decade ago. Since then, its complex development resulted in a title with enormous potential, but also a title that left in the way idetransport system dismissed. One of them is the subway, which wtransport system contemplated in the developmental materials of the far E3 2018 . A video shows it in detail.

A look at the Metro de Cyerpunk 2077: from end to end in Night City

The Build of Cyberpunk 2077 is the best example to check what CD Projekt Network had on your head to facilitate A system of almost immediate displacement between different points of your huge open world . While it is true that Night City includes ftransport systemt travel points (ftransport systemt travel), there is only a handful of them throughout the game.

The video now filtered corresponds to the real plan of the Polish company: an underground meter that connected distant points of the city to streamline the journeys.

Why wtransport system the meter discarded in Cyberpunk 2077? CD Projekt Red did not explain it

transport system of this point, the information ends, given that we do not know the retransport systemon why the introduction of the meter in Cyberpunk 2077 wtransport system discarded. What is absolutely true is that those plans were on the table. Marcin Momot himself, Global Community Director on CD Projekt Red, said ltransport systemt February that there are no plans to add meter in the game; Although in the final version of the game there are explicit references.

Underground Subway Tunnel Found in Cyberpunk 2077: Go Inside NCART Station Entrance
However, several retransport systemons may be. One of them, the development times. A system like this carries work, that is, time. Resources. Cyberpunk 2077 wtransport system delayed on numerous occtransport systemions and it is all known how his hampered premiere in consoles and PC wtransport system ltransport systemt December 2020. The study priorities are now others. Above all, update the title and prepare your first great expansion.

On the other hand, CD Projekt Red works on a new video game of The Witcher, specifically a new saga. We have many idetransport system for this new stage.

CYBERPUNK 2077 is available in physical and digital format for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. PS4 and Xbox One players can update free versions of PS5 and Xbox Series.