“This league is not worthy,” said coach Hagen Schmidt after the 1: 5 at the FCK last Saturday, it was a “sounding slap”. And also the entry for Ralf Heskamp, who lived the debacle from the bank. A planned press appointment last Wednesday was still bursting because he had to go to the hospital with complaints due to renal stone.

Ralf Heskamp (Geschäftsführer Sport MSV Duisburg) im Interview | MAGENTA SPORT

So now the debut in the Palatinate with a severe disappointment. “Why some players do not perform how they imagined”, and not only on the Bayenberg, because Heskamp can not answer on Monday. “Give me a bit of time. To know exactly why that’s the way it is.” In order to analyze that the MSV, as seen in Kaiserlautern, conceded too many goals. A problem, “that actually overcome” seemed “and” now reappeared again “. And the zebras brings closer to the descent zone again.

The 56-year-old is also available for the Regionalliga. A clear “yes”. Finally, he bound to the Midermal until June 30th of June 2024. “When the call came, I was directly on fire.” The MSV is a “great traditional club”. Fanbase, stadium, infrastructure, “all this has helped me come to MSV”.

He will discuss the philosophy with the coach, but: “The MSV is a workers’ club, always active, always work – these are the prerequisites first.” Hesskamp could not and did not want to go into personal details, but he still lacks the right insight. But he provided an outlook. The current objective is the league, the “goal must sometime be the 2nd league”.

“Year for year increase the probability”

When, also there could not and did not want to set up the new managing director sport, especially since he first has to wait for the first transfer window with his new club and it is probably not the very big change “. Rather, Heskamp wants to “try to increase the chance for the 2nd league year after year”. With a victory next Saturday against Halle (14 o’clock, live! With MSV), the MSV can initially increase the probability of being at the next season of the 3rd league.