We remember that at the end of November of last year, a report of activity of the MGI Group (the mother-house of the operator Gamigo ) promised a “big update” that had to be deployed on the servers RIFT during the “first quarter 2022”. The first quarter has passed, the update has not been deployed and in the meantime, Gamigo closed the official MMORPG forums and thanked Vilya, the Game Community Manager – Anubis, the other RIFT community leader, Nevertheless, is obviously always in office. What to wonder about the future of Rift.

In a note published on the official website of Rift, Gamigo, however, specifies that the “big update” has simply been delayed (the developer would need a “deadline that could not be anticipated in advance”). The deployment of the update is now expected for the current of this month of April.

The studio does not detail the content of this update, nor its wingspan, but specifies that the animation held recently at stake (the invasion of the messonars) is “foretaking” of what the team of Development can achieve at stake. and also specify that the contents of season 1 of Battle Pass will also be reset so that even veteran players can find new products.

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So we wait to discover the content of the update in the coming weeks (if it is not again “repulsed” by then) and we will remember that Gamigo has obviously at heart to convince that Rift is not totally abandoned.