Net Marble is a series latest character Collection Cinematic RPG “Seven Knight 2” (Development: Netmarble Nexus), the new character “Elena’s Nostalgic Shiller” is added to Wednesday, Today. I knew that I was implemented.

Net Marble is a series latest character Collection Cinematic RPG “Seven Knight 2” (Development: Netmarble Nexus), the new character “Elena’s Nostalgic Shiller” is added to Wednesday, Today. We will inform you of what we implemented. In addition, we will also provide an event that commemorates the released 150 days to get luxurious rewards than today.

# New character “Elena’s Nostalgia” participation!

New Legends in the World of Seven Knights 2 Heroes “Elena’s Nostalgia (CV. Yanagi Miri)” will participate in the war.

“Erena’s Nostalgia” is a supported legendary Rank Hero, a character with a power that can be granted an lythus revival or an immune rise effect on all state abnormalities.

In commemoration of the participation of “Erena’s Nostalgic Shill”, the character summoning that the appearance probability is up will appear in the shop for a limited time, and “Elena” to the target character of “Memory of Heroes” which can experience the character individual stories. Added a shy “.

In addition, events such as a growth support event that can acquire “spirit stone” as a reward according to the growth stage, and events that can purchase the soul stone of “Erena’s Nostalgia” in Ruby, etc.

Please make “Erena’s Nostalgic Shill” on this occasion.

· “Seven Knights 2” Official Forum: New Chara Introduction “Erena’s Nostalgia”

· “Elena’s Nostalgic Shill” Introduction Video

# Update & Release 150th Anniversary! Hold various events

We will hold the following events that can earn luxurious rewards to commemorate this update and the official release of April 8 to 150 days.

Impossible Mission

By clearing the mission that shy thinks, you can earn various items such as “Swords of the Bullet”.

· Event period: March 30 (Wed) to April 13 (Wed) before maintenance

# # Water Festival: Stable Field Drop & Production Event

You can use “Water” and “Water Tetsuya” that can be acquired in a standing type field, and can create various event items such as “Legendary Character Summon Coupons”, “Legal Weapon / Weapon Choice”, “Fragment of Crystal of Purification”. increase.

· Item acquisition period: March 30 (Wednesday) to April 13 (Wed) before maintenance
· Item production period: March 30 (Wed) to April 27 (Wednesday) Maintenance before maintenance

# # Release 150 Sun Memorial Login Bonus

Logging in to the game during the event period can earn daily items such as a 150-day commemorative present box every day.

· Event period: March 30 (Wednesday) to April 27 (Wednesday) Maintenance

In addition to this update, this update is also implemented by adding specialized equipment of Nestra’s messenger Sain and White silver wolf Evan.

For more information on updates and events, please check the announcement of the official forum.

· “Seven Knights 2” official forum: March 30 (Wednesday) Update contents information

· “Seven Knights 2” Official Forum: Event being held

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For more information on “Seven Knights 2”, please check the official site or official forum. In addition, since the official Twitter and the official YouTube channel, etc., we have released the latest information and video, so please follow me.

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A variety of characters and fields depicted with high quality graphics using Unreal Engine 4 appear in this world, players are collected and fostering various heroes, group operations in the form and real-time, high difficulty bosses In addition to the war, you can enjoy a magnificent story and a movie like a sense of immersive.

# About “Seven Knights 2”

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