** The abbreviation OTP is usually heard in Streams Zulague of Legends (lol) and also reads it in the chat of the video game. We show you the description what is behind the “One Trick Pony” in LOL.

That suggests the term: If you hear the term “OTP” about LOL or similar games, then a “one trick pony” is generally indicated. A player who constantly plays the same personality and attempted no other champions.

In the neighborhood, such players always make sure hot conversations. Discover below, why it’s great to be a one trick pony and what drawbacks that brings with him.

The Benefits of One Trick Ponies in League of Legends

As it can look like gamers as “OTP” win hard, you can see synotics in the complying with video. Shown will certainly be crockeries with Zed, Riven, Yasuo, Katarina, Jhin as well as Shaco.

If you then play for lots of hundreds of matches your One Trick Pony, the possibility is high that you transcend in straight battle with an enemy player.

If your One Technique Champ is still solid on the present spot level, you add a fundamental part to the victory of the suit. Ideally, you know all the methods and also Technicians of your heroes and also recognizes how to bet the different counterattacks as well as might also win against them. The counterattacks are remarkable to you on paper.

You succeed: When OTP focuses on a champ as well as plays, with rare exemptions, just this. The advantage is that you are familiar with his champ extremely well and dominated, masters him. You have actually to ran versus the most diverse challengers and can attempt these matches and also discover from them if you always play Yasuo.

The negative aspects of One Trick Ponies

Do that be poor: The players generally placed every little thing on a map. You have to evade either to an additional champion or leave the entrance hall if your champ is banned in a suit. This has the negative aspect that various other players then have to await a brand-new entrance hall.

Changing the OTPs to another character, this usually has the effect that they do not regulate them. That depends completely on the ELO on which the OTPs play. In the reduced area of the position, you do not believe much idea concerning different heroes and “takes what exists”.

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Exactly how is you contrary One Trick Ponies in Lol? Do you discover that excellent if players merely concentrate on a champion and afterwards really well, or are the negative aspects too big, since they are not deep enough with the having fun of various other champs?

We reveal you the explanation what is behind the “One Trick Pony” in LOL. You do well: When OTP specializes in a champion as well as plays, with uncommon exemptions, only this. If your One Method Champ is still solid on the present spot degree, you contribute an important component to the triumph of the suit. Preferably, you understand all the methods and Auto mechanics of your heroes and knows how to play against the different counterattacks and might also win against them. Do that be poor: The gamers generally put everything on a map.

LoL OTP Guide - How To Become A One-Trick-Pony 101

In situation of uncertainty, the OTPS has no experience on various other champions as well as are hence a lot even worse than the challenger in direct duel on the Lane.