Jeff Kurie announced that the 2022 “ Summer Game Fest ” will be held in June.

Summer Game Fest & Playstation | Elden Ring And GTA 6 | TLOU2 PS5 Upgrade | Warner Bros. Up For Sale

In 2021, the release date is announced with the new gameplay trailer of “Elden Ring”, which is a highly attracted digital event “Summer Game Fest”, but it was decided to be held 2022 An event of the year was revealed that June is scheduled.

Another Keile’s Hosted Key Relief has a Twitter account, and also mention “E3” that has been announced by the 2022-year-old online event. He says “E3” such as “E3” that he has not had enough fans, “I will continue fighting to think right for the game-and I do not intend to stop.” Also, in a way that responds to other users, this year’s event is very compact or tweeted to share feedback.

“Summer Game Fest” in 2022 will be held in June. It is also planned to hold Kickoff Live, including announcements, news, and fast look.