In our Tips Guide to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Let’s explain to you:

  • How to improve your weapons
  • How to get good loose
  • How to unlock more space in your inventory
  • What you need to pay attention in the fight

Tiny Tina wants to play Dungeons and Dragons with you – just with heap knobs and a pinch of madness. Borderland’s spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is getting wild. We show you how you survive the first hours!

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How do I get to good Loot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

The hunt for ever better Loot is a central component of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Gameplay Loops. You already get some weapons and shields in the beginning, but do not give you satisfied.

In the game world, your Loot usually finds in the numerous chests . These chests are also newly filled as soon as you leave the area and caught again – usually the lot is what rarity and levels are committed to the area adapted. Even opponents often leave weapons, armor and other objects.

If you later land in the Oberwelt , you can also complete optional arena battles when you take opponents in the high grass. If you successfully complete an arena battle, you will be rewarded with a lucky cube full of weapons, shields and skins. Play as many arbus as possible before you continue with the story. So you reach good weapons and shields at an early stage.

Do not waste your gold in the machine!

In the Wonderlands, there are vending machines everywhere, where their weapons, shields and healitems can buy. Mostly the offers are hardly worth a look. Even the offers of the day are not worthwhile. You usually find much better Loot in the course of the next quest.

However, this does not mean that you should completely ignore the machines. Very rare you still find a good offer in the vending machines. You can also sell your scrap – so Loot you want to get rid of the vending machines **.

By the way, you saves a lot of time by marking all the useless Loot in the inventory as scrap . If you then go to a vending machine, you can sell your entire scrap with one click without having to call the sales menu.

Invested in inventory upgrades!

So that you can carry as much Loot as possible, you need space in your backpack! As soon as you have completed the first three main quests, the city of magnificent hoof opens for you. Here you meet the blacksmith , whose headquarters stands at the Zottenplatz. They sell upgrades for your weapons and the backpack.

The upgrades are sometimes very expensive . In the first day of the game, therefore mainly invests in the following upgrades for the inventory:

  • Backpack SDU
  • Bank SDU
  • Lost booty SDU

This increases the number of portable objects permanently. The ammunition upgrades worth it only in the later game course – initially your place will need for as much lot as possible.

Do not lose a look!

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Gold plays a slightly bigger role than in the Borderland’s main series. Many upgrades and items will be considered to give you usury prices. The fastest comes to a lot of gold by selling scrap regularly at the machine. Collects everything and goes to the machines as soon as your inventory is full.

Check the lost-prey machine regularly

In the pub “ Izzy’s splashes ” is the so-called “lost-prey machine”. It contains Loot, who dropped by opponents, but overlooked by you. Caution: If you pick up an item and then return from the inventory, you will not find it again in the lost-prey machine.

Check the machine after each main quest . You will surely overlook something again and again. In addition, weapons sometimes sink thanks to a glitch in the ground or land at unattainable places.

Complete shrines in the Oberwelt!

In the Oberwelt you will find some shrines that give you buffs if you conclude the associated mission. The mission usually consists of a small schnitzel hunt after shrine fragments , which are all hidden in the Oberwelt. These shrine missions are very simple, but they reward you ample. For example, you can increase your gold or experience point profit by several percent.

Try different spells

In the Wonderlands there are crunches, but no grenades. These are replaced in the spin-off Spell . There are exactly as many different spells like weapons. Often, however, spells have unique effects.

Pay attention to the values in the selection of magic. Often your spells, which should be weak according to the value table, but due to unique side effects will still become a mighty weapon. Incidentally, you can also use magic when you lies on the ground. And unlike grenades, spells are not used up – but you can only use them after a decay time .

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Ultimate Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks

knows the peculiarities of all weapons manufacturers!

The weapons are manufactured by various companies and accordingly have a manufacturer-specific brand peculiarity . This feature has any weapon of the corresponding manufacturer. The following weapons brands are available:

  • Blackpowder : The shot rate depends on how quickly your thrust button presses.
  • Dahlia : Always offers an alternative fire mode.
  • Feriore : Instead of refurbishing, yield your weapon away – which then explodes either or turns into a gun and helps you fight.
  • Hyperius : Activates a protective shield if you aim about Kimme & Grain and the shot accuracy is getting more and higher, the longer you shoot.
  • Torgue : Exposes explosive balls.
  • Stoker : All weapons have a very high fire rate.
  • SKulgugger : Do not have to be charged – but it overheats with too long use.

Tips for the fight in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

A novelty are the melee weapons: Swords, axes, war hammers and daggers. Unfortunately, you can not equip separately – your character sets the melee weapon automatically when your opponent suggests in close combat. You can also run a slam attack by pressing the Duck button during jumping. Your character then beats with full force on the ground and causes damage to all opponents in the immediate vicinity.

Many opponents also carry shields or protect themselves through magical barriers. With melee attacks, your sheltered opponent can briefly hustle and make it so vulnerable.

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