Prime Gaming de Amazon and Blizzard Entertainment are joining to launch free content for several games in the coming months. Fans of Supervision and piendra of the fireplace Both have free items available to claim at this time, while the content-based content of Warcraft_ and Starcraft: Remasterized will be available at some time in the future, although a specific period has not been disclosed. These benefits are free for all Amazon Prime subscribers and the content for Supervision and piene of the chimney can be claimed right here.

As of today, fans of Supervision can claim a legendary booty box. Until September 14, Amazon will launch free game for the game monthly. In total, fanatics can expect to see four legendary booty boxes and three standard booty boxes. There will be a free delivery in April, two in May, one in June, one in July and one in August. These benefits are available for PC players, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

En of the fireplace will also see monthly falls until September 14. The current gift is a legendary random letter. In total, there will be four legendary random letters, as well as three standard card packages. Players can expect to see a gift in April, one in May, two in June, one in July and one in August. These benefits will be available for players in both PC and mobile devices.

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With luck, Amazon will reveal more information about the Warcraft_ and Starcraft: Remasterized Advantages soon! Prime Gaming offers many free advantages for subscribers. In addition to the content for these Blizzard games, the service currently offers content for Hospital of two points, fifa22, fall guys, and more. The service also offers a series of free PC games, with a new list already announced for the month of April. It would be impossible for the service to offer content that could please all users, but there is a good diversity of games and content included. During the next few months, it certainly seems that Blizzard fanatics will find a lot to enjoy!

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