The Inin Games label again vibrates Shamisen’s nostalgia rope with the opening of the pre-orders for the POCKY & ROCKY RESHRINED collectors. This multi-directional shoot-up-up that will see the return of an old Glory of Taito plans to put the double bites while waiting to communicate a firm and final date for Europe – it will be April 21 in Japan.

Five playable characters, a solo story mode and a free mode in coop, not to mention the presence of an easy way to unlock and an online ranking in addition: we will ship Fissa the technical sheet to return to the indispensable packed editions numbered, limited to 2,500 copies on Switch and 1,500 on PS4, at € 29.99.

The collector’s edition with € 69.99 provides for 2,000 copies on Switch and 1,000 on PS4, with a content to be blisted by Nerd: CD of the soundtrack, acrylic base, an omamori amulet in Pixel Art, An embedded coin of the two characters, a reversible poster, an enamel spindle, a sheet-shaped gum, a filthy block mark, four postcards and stickers, what more than it is an increase?

And if you really think that your happiness is measured with the amount of plastic stacked on the same shelf, it will be possible to push for bundles including at the premium the plush of the raccoon, sorry, of the tanuki, a bonus that is possible for one or the other edition. Count € 59.99 for the classic packaged version and € 99.99 for the Collector version.

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined - Official Trailer


POCKY & ROCKY RESHRINED – Trailer of the limited edition