Kirby Discovery ” that has reached the released on March 25 this month. This work has adopted the first 3D action in the main series. The stage of the world with depth is drawn out that Kirby runs in the vertical and horizontal ways. As a new action, Kirabari Henkei appeared, which carby makes the car and triangle cone and so on. Familiar copy capabilities are also expanding the width of the action, such as evolving into various forms. And in this work, up to two cooperative play is possible. By connecting a plurality of controllers, it is possible to operate the two of Kirby and Bandanawaddardi.

When transforming the series, it is naturally disappearing. Although it is a “Kirby Discovery of Stars”, a certain small element is abolished and some users seem to be spare. Its element is “tut”. Kirby can recover your physical strength when picking up food in the field. At that time, it is possible to share friends with friends. At this time, when Kirby comes to the side of his companion, it was possible to divide the recovery in the form of kissing. It was a promise for the smoking and cooperating action.

However, in the “Kirby Discovery of Stars”, there is no this noodle. Of course, if Kirby takes food, it can be given to the recovery of 2P bandanawaddardi. But the action at that time is high touch. It does not come true to see the series of traditional series. This is not cute, while the familiar action is not seen. To that end, people who are young on the net have appeared. It would be that there are many users who liked Kirby kiss. I feel somewhere.

  • Witness a high touch scene and don’t think new users, but old users will be desperate.

  • Super NES “Kirby Super Deluxe” is a tweet that is better than “Kirby Discovery of Stars” because there is a tut.

Why did Kirby no longer do? However, even with 3D reduction, the scene of the tuning has become a situation where it has become a situation that could not be seen from various angles. Alternatively, it is likely to be considered as a throat of Corona, but in the world of Kirby I do not want to think about real circumstances. When I asked for the reason why Nintendo had disappeared, it was said that “I did not answer individually about the development intention of the production in the game.”

Under the latest work, it is not possible to see Kirby’s tuning figure, but it does not mean that the culture has been lost. The “Kirby 30th stuffed toy mini mascot”, which is released in April from TAKARA TOMY Arts, recorded Kirby of all 10 types of posing. Among them, the face of Kirby’s face is lined up. It is a very valuable, front of the front. “Curby Discovery of the Stars” The tears will be heard, and how is it enjoyed the chow with this Kirby?