Wow Shadowlands will no longer get another content patch, a new season will still give it . The developers have recently announced that. And also, if so, if logically, no new dungeon is implemented, mythical-plus players may look forward to a lot of replenishment. Because developers miss various old dungeons a revision and just integrate them into the current endgame!

Mechagon, Karazhan and…?

After patch 9.2 already split the current mega-dungeon tazavesh into two parts and has unlocked for the mythical-plus system, then the two former mega-dungeons Karazhan and Mechagon follow in the 4th season. Both dungeons already existed at the time in mythical-plus variants. The developers must therefore only be manageable a lot of work in order to make this fit for Shadowlands.

The thing looks different with the other two dungeons. The developers want to take over two of the instances from Warlords of Draenor. At this time, the system mythical-plus did not exist yet, but only the challenge fashion. This was only a degree of difficulty in which the players were scaled down.

So that the developers do not make unnecessary work, it is of course crucial that they take two of the more popular dungeons from wod. And to find out which that could be, you have called to a survey in the official forum. Although it officially did not say that the two most-chosen dungeons are then really implemented, they should probably end up on the internal list. Here again to remember all WOD dungeons:

  • alsoindoun
  • Blood rink mine
  • The evergreen flor
  • Ice docks
  • Grimmbleisdepot
  • Skynadel
  • Upper Blackfelspitze
  • Shadow Mondgrabstatte

Shadowlands Season 4 ANNOUNCED! BFA, Legion AND WoD Mythic+ & MORE...

Which two dungeons would you like to see as mythical-plus variant in Shadowlands? Of course, the author of this news has voted in favor of the ice docks and the Grimmgleisdepot. Who does not want mythical-plus dungeon on a moving train?

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