CCP Games announced the main update on Eve online prior to Pan Fast 2022 today. The update has been made in the structure and operations related to structures and operations, and you can check the initial version of the update on the Singularity Test Server.

Features Preview The system allows you to experience the functionality in the game in advance. The first test is a project that maintains consistency such as style and UI colors, menu interfaces, and the like as a UI integrated project.

In addition, the attack and defense can be balanced through the balance adjustment of the stand-up structure, and the cost of structure and defense is also reduced through additional updates.

In addition, the industrial jump portal generator is updated to the LOTO, and the LOT is now able to move the 30th chasing line. The shipping balancing adjustment continues, and Proteaters and stealth bombers have received updates that support a variety of play states.

In addition, blue prints for factional ships, threaded notes and capital ships in April will be updated in April.

Eve-O Preview 5.1.0, how to install/update

For more information on updating the ‘Road Pan Fest’, see the Eve Online Steam page.