With the SEASON 2 Reloaded update in Call of Duty: Warzone Favorite Fans The Rebirth Island card gets a serious update with the greatest update. Changes include adding and changing some important attractions (POI), as well as other improvements in the gameplay.

Changes in POI on the island of the Renaissance

Event Reborn Island Reinforced Changes aesthetics and some POI on the map. Although minor changes indicate the influence of Perseus on the island, two locations on the map were updated, as well as a completely new area for research.

Fortress , rarely visited plot of card, now contains garages, administrative building and radar building. Empty place in prison yard In the area now there are small tents, and on the track surrounding it, the shelter has been added.

WARZONE: The SEASON 2 RELOADED UPDATE Was FULLY REVEALED... (Rebirth Map Update, Big Changes & More)
Doc is a completely new addition, and in it there is a large ship supply ship of the NOVA plant 6. The ship is available for players and has the upper and lower decks with a sufficient amount of chests and prey.

New Game Mechanics on Renaissance Island

Re-deployment of balloons From the caldera were added to a new Renaissance map. This allows players to travel over long distances and quickly change the position. Moreover, Weapon trade stations can be unlocked by completing the first in-game community test.

These stations allow you to exchange existing weapons to less high-quality and other awards, such as money, armor and a series of murders. Additional Community Tests will be added to the game, which will open other items, such as communication stations and armored vehicles.

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