The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Skyrim) ” A year 85-year-old game real condition Shirley Curry, who is giving global popularity, is in rehabilitation from cerebral infarction at the end of February. The other day she is presented by She’s given to the cozy goods (Bethesda) from Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda), but from March 19th “Sky Rim” played live play in a new game.

When Curry confessed the onset of her cerebral infarction, she said, “She doesn’t remember how to play” Sky Rim “,” she talks, she is a voic log (VLOG) videos uploaded focusing on voic log videos was doing. She is she who practiced fragmentally, such as shot shot of the same work several times after the onset, but she is “a new game” from the data so far as she is “I can not remember it yet.” It is said that I decided to switch to.

The Dragonborn Comes, which flows on the title screen at the beginning of the video, is a poetic song that sang the hero’s rewards that is transmitted in the work, and it is a velvable sight that appears overlapping with “Scyrim Granma’s resurrection”.

Vlog#13 My Gifts From Bethesda!!

In addition, the seeds chosen for avatars this time are the same as “I love” that “I love” said “Casty”. The name is “Major Bromley”, and detailed backgrounds such as “I quit the army” and “I left Elsway (Hometown of Casot).” Sky rim Granma and Major Bromley journey with full-fledged role play are currently delivered to episode 3, so please check if you are concerned.