Is it a simple skin collaboration? Or is it a fabric for the bigger picture? Said, recently released the collaboration teaser video of its Daejeon Fighting Game ‘Butterfire Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown’ and ‘Teken 7’.

The teaser video contains Akira and Lau Chen’s Daejeon scene. However, it is not a look that is familiar with the butterfire fighter. Akira’s Kazuya, Rau Chen turned into a Hayhachi. The stage is also true. Missim painting of iron. Here, even the UI, I am almost taken the UI of the ‘Tekeless 7’, so if you look at it, you will be “Thermal Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown” and “Tekken 7”.

This Collabo reminds me of the “Street Fighter X Iron” released on March 6, 2012. The meeting of the Street Fighter and Tekken, which was said to be the two mountains of fighting games. Although it has also been suffered by the body with a second and balance, the meeting of the two games has become a hot topic. From that, about 10 years later, the fighting game rival is handed back in the past. The interest of the butterfire fighters and the fans are attracting attention.

On the other hand, additional information is not disclosed in connection with the collaboration. Since it is just a simple skin collaboration, or from being more than that, “Tekken 7” is noticeable to any collaboration.