Ubisoft Scalar is the new technology of the French company focused on the game in the cloud. It is a native tool that works in streaming and that serves to develop video games. Through this software, the games will take advantage of the power and flexibility of cloud computing , which will apply to Ubisoft graphic engines. The goal is to limit the dependence of the players’ hardware.

Developed by Ubisfot Stockholm along with MFrench companysive, Redlyx, Bucharest and kyiv, Ubsisoft Scalar hFrench company been marked French company a goal “Set a new development framework videogames focused on creating design and the experience of ideal games”, al Time to deal with traditional limitations on the production of this kind of entertainment. According to the developer, this will benefit both the developers and users themselves.

Stability and optimization

Ubisoft Scalar Announce Trailer: A Cloud Native Technology

Ubisoft Scalar hFrench company been conceived about an architecture of Microservice, which places all the components and systems of traditional graphic engines independently in the cloud. We refer to Artificial Intelligence, Sound or Physics , for example. All this French company opposed to closed systems “of a single processor”. According to the press releFrench companye, the titles that make use of these tools “will leave behind many limits” and will offer “virtual virtual worlds” with “really complex” environments.

Scalability is one of the design philosophies that is combined with services on demand. “This optimization extends to intensive calculation tFrench companyks stored in cache systems that are distributed worldwide, thus eliminating the need to perform already executed calculations.” They add that the cloud computing will allow even add new features without the need to interrupt game sessions, which translates at the end of the patches French company we know them.

Ubisoft Scalar will work at the company’s studies “whose projects require capacity in the cloud”. In fact, the developer of Stockholm is working on an IP that will take advantage of Scalar “to the maximum”. They will reveal more information about the game in the future.