Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. M-1 Grand Prix 2020 Champion, Madical Lovely, Noda Crystal Director’s New Game “ M-1 Road to Grand Prix-Our Toy Children Another Rang ~ ” Steam Page Did.

This work is a belt scroll action style game, and aims to go to the M-1 Grand Prix large stage (in physical attack). “Madical Labry” “Sysonne” “Panther” “Seijo”, four pairs of popular entertainers with different styles each appear as a playable character. In the screenshot, you can also see the figure of “Yoneda 2000” “Male Blanco” “Einstein”.

M-1 Grand Prix, M-1.

It was a long and steep road aiming for the big stage while defeating rivals…

M-1 Grand Prix 2020 Champion, Madical Lovely, Noda Crystal Director Game appeared in Steam!

# Choose one team from 4 entertainers!

  • Madical Labry
    Power style with orthodox fighting styles and hammer.

  • Sisonne
    Powerful attacks with long-distance attacks using chains and swords.

  • Panther

Speed ​​style, power style, and thank you.

  • Dance attack by Nata and the super wide range attack of chainsaw.

  • (AND MORE…)

My Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2022 Top 8 ranking (with comments)

A combination of unique attacks and flashy special majors, and the exchange system with friends and aim at the stage of the final!

And the strongest comedian is waiting for the final stage!

# Main characteristics of the game

  • Performer planning! M-1 Champion, Noda Crystal Director Game!

  • Japanese famous laughing artists fight, traditional style horizontal belt scroll action games.

  • Enjoy refreshing action with easy operation! It seems to use normal attack and powerful special move.

  • Use the replacement system to go while working with the partner!

  • When you clear the game, “that person” can be used…?

“M-1 Road to Grand Prix-Our dumplings are already ringing ~” will be delivered on March 24, 2022 for Windows / Mac.