Nico Hülkenberg replaces Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin, the ex-world champion has Covid-19 and falls out for the Grand Prix of Bahrain (Sunday, 4 pm mez, live! At Sebastian Vettel).

On Thursday morning, Aston Martin called the spare pilot at 9 o’clock, “for my spontaneous short actions so relatively early this time,” said Hülkenberg’s winking the SID.

Top 10 Memorable Nico Hulkenberg Moments
2020, a year after his as a tribal pilot, he was already jumped three times when the team was still a racing point. Especially the commitment in October at the Nürburgring was a scarce matter at that time: At 11 o’clock in the morning, the TV expert had left the RTL studio in Cologne, in the afternoon he played in the Eifel the qualifying.

Since the Bahrain-Comeback has now almost decelerating: On Thursday it went from southern France via Amsterdam to Bahrain, arrival by shortly after midnight. On his trip, he “talked to engineers and also with SEB, which told me a bit about the new car – of course I wish him a good improvement!”

The use is likely to become a special challenge, because it is the first race of a new era. Completely newly developed cars are used, and the Emmeriche Hülkenberg had no chance to test these bolides so far. At the six test days before the season, the master pilots Vettel and Lance Stroll were used. The representation therefore becomes “anything but simple,” said Hülkenberg, “but I will now try to make the best of it.”