Elden Ring has published his 1.03 patch, and even though the number does not seem to be a great update, the truth is that it is the most substantial update so far. You can read the very long notes of the patch on the official Bandai Namco site, but we summarize the most notable changes.

To begin with, there is new content related to the NPCs. New missions have been added to diall frames, Nepheli Loux, Keneth Haight and Gostoc; In addition, a totally new NPC has been introduced, Jar-Bairn, which you can find in Tarroburg, and that it has its own line of missions. The possibility of invoking NPC has been added in some concrete circumstances and, perhaps more important than all this for some players, a function has been added that allows us to point out the location of a NPC on the map when we find it, which will facilitate enough Follow the stories.

On the other hand, some of the most remarkable bugs of the game have been solved: for example, the one that made the weapons do not escale with the arcane attribute. In addition, different errors have been corrected that made some objects do not work correctly.

Elden Ring Patch 1.03 Nerfing Buffs - NPC Markers - Balance Of Items - Captain Steve Talks ER News
Finally, there have been many balance changes. The appearance ratio of forging stones has been increased as a booty by defeating some enemies, the effectiveness of the shield has increased, the damage of some throwing objects has increased and, perhaps the most tragic part, some of the ” Tricks “most used by players to pass the toughest segments of the game: tears mimic and stomp. On the other hand, many spells have lowered their manna cost, and others have increased their duration or damage.