The government launches $ 2 trillion in funds to foster the secondary battery field.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Normal Resources said on the 17th, held a ‘Secondary Battery R & D Innovation Fund’ formation at COEX, Seoul, Korea.

A $ 2.00 billion fund that invests in small and medium-sized small and medium-sized company companies will be launched, and in the first quarter of this year, earnest investment will be disclosed.

The fund investor consisted of policy funds and 300 billion won of battery, 300 billion won for battery, and civilian investors, and private investors.

Initially, the Industrial Department and the Manufacturers have been expected to create a total of 80 billion won of funds, combined with policy funds, three companies, and private investments.

In the process of recruiting the institutional investment, the financial investment amount was created by W150bn, and the final scale was established as W200bn. It is 2.5 times more than the estimate.

The operation period of the secondary battery fund is eight years. Funds are promising to the secondary battery.

It is expected that investment of 50 to 100 billion won per company is expected to be done, and it is expected to invest in more than 30 companies during the fund operating period.

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The secondary battery fund will investigate the technical potential. Selectors have participated in professional institutions and support technology consulting. The scale is characterized by recovering funds over a long period of time to ensure that a small but promising enterprise can secure sufficient growth opportunities through fund funds.

The Minister of Industry and Industry, who attended the formation ceremony, said, “In the field of secondary batteries, our company is already leading the global market around the battery,” said the company ‘ I was sorry, but this fund is expected to have a domestic small-to-business ecosystem that matches our secondary battery industry competitiveness. “