What is Fut Birthday? Fut Birthday is the normal birthday event in FIFA 22.

INFIFA 22 is presently running the FUT Birthday Event. Once again, you can gather token for swapping again.

Like some events prior to, the Birthday brings once again a swap component with it. In the “Fut Birthday Swap” you can gather token, which in turn can exchange for rewards. Everything we reveal you right here.

FUT BIRTHDAY TOKEN – Where are you hiding in Ultimate Group?

Where can I find the tokens? The tokens hide behind various components of Ultimate Team. You discover her about:

  • In unique SBCs

  • Behind jobs
  • As squad-battles incentives
  • In shop bundles it will certainly also offer one
  • And there is also a totally free token

FUT BIRTHDAY TOKEN TRACKER – These are recognized:

In the “Fut Birthday Swap” you can gather token, which in turn can trade for rewards. Where can I discover the tokens? The tokens hide behind various elements of Ultimate Team. What use the tokens? The collected tokens can be swapped between 11 and 24 March for rewards in appropriate SBCS.

  • 22 SYMBOL – FUT BIRTHDAY TEAM-1 player selection.
  • 17 Token – Fut Birthday-Ezequiel Ávila (90 GES).
  • 14 Token – 86 + -X7 gamer pack.
  • 10 Token – Fut Birthday-Jean-Paul Boëtius (89 GES).
  • 10 SYMBOL – FUT BIRTHDAY TEAM 1-PACK (a GROUP 1 FUT Birthday Player 1).
  • 5 Token – Ultimate Pack.
  • 3 token – 83-90-x6 player pack.
  • 2 token – uncommon player pack.

FIFA 22 15 x Guaranteed 86+ x 7 FUT Birthday Swaps Packs!!
By the means: Today has also been announced a brand-new upgrade. What is in the new FIFA 22 Update, we reveal you right here.

What use the symbols? The accumulated tokens can be swapped between 11 and 24 March for benefits in suitable SBCS. The incentives are (using EA):.

  • Daushvili (UEFA Top Games-SBC – runs from 15 March).
  • Sitek (FUT 15 SBC – runs from 10 March).
  • Taki (FUT 14 SBC – runs from 9 March).
  • Davies (Fut Birthday Excursion Tasks – runs from 18 March).
  • Abdulrazak (FUT 13 SBC – Expired).
  • Serpezis (FUT Birthday Fever – runs from 11 March).
  • Sijaric (Abraham tasks – runs from 11 March).
  • Hu Jinghang (FUT 12 SBC – Expired).
  • ISA (totally free token, login until 18 March).

Just how lots of symbols exist? In general there will be 24 symbols that you can accumulate over the birthday weeks.

VITAL: Several of these symbols are running as well as just have to get a specific time. That’s why we show you here a list of the previously understood symbols, which is upgraded on a regular basis.