The you require to know today: Bungie announced using Twitter that once more Server maintenance pending. It is a reasonably lengthy maintenance that will certainly not take much time.

Maintenance on 10/03. – All times and also server-down

You understand exactly today when their wager can and also what modifications in the video game, you accompanied MeinMMO and updated these things all made with fresh info.

Fate 2 has actually been introduced for Thursday once again maintenance for March 10th.

These times are very important today:

is Important: Even if you have downloaded the upgrade, it can until the end of the maintenance job around 19:00 pertained to connection problems. May include producing anticipate at login with queues.

Considering additionally that third-party applications and also the main buddy application are wrong range.

  • At 14:00 German time, the maintenance job start on all platforms
  • As of 15:45 the servers go offline. You will be rejected all the activities – the downtime begins
  • Against 18:00 needs to the server back on-line go to the Daily reset. Here you can download the new hotfix
  • At 19:00 will certainly be the maintenance then entirely ended up

This changes with upgrade in Season 16

This brings the hotfix today: Bungie announced on Twitter know that gamer after downloading lastly have the chance to change their Bungie name. Hence, can you name your wish get in and also be eliminate the bothersome numbers that have actually dazugesellt following to your label.

The presently stands at Bungie on the hotfix listing:

  • The “improvement of Enigma” -Questreihe can obtain stuck for some players in the last action.
  • The “No time at all to clarify” -Zeitportal will proceed to contend opponents defeated.

Must you likewise in-game notification, then the suggestion to report them straight using the main Bungie Assistance discussion forum to accentuate it.

spot notes for the upgrade in Destiny 2

What’s in the spot notes? For today upgrade spot notes yet to be released.

Bungie is presently proactively collects feedback on the most recent expansion. Via Twitter you routinely inquired about the “welfare” of guardians. You develop that the gamers share their wishes, to ensure that the group can enter into it.

What do you think that you are enabled to ultimately change your name? Have you been waiting for or you do not care as well as have the numbers do incline you behind your name? Allow us recognize how you stand to us!

What remains in the spot notes? For today update patch notes yet to be published. Commonly, the details will show up with each other or something after the upgrade itself. As quickly as we later on these, we include them to you right here as a web link.

Destiny 2 has been introduced for Thursday once more maintenance for March 10th. We inform you when you can not bet today.

Is Destiny 2 down right now ? Destiny 2 error code cat but no update (Destiny 2 maintenance today )

  • _ Bisher are no spot notes for this update to Verfügung. _.