At a distance of one and a half hours, the title fight went to a new round on Saturday. From 14 o’clock the Stuttgart Stuttgart Kickerss presented the FV Ravensburg sovereign. In the first half hour alone the opportunity recycling was the shortcoming, but with the leadership of Tunjic, which was slipped flat and placed, here was some rest at the guests. Despite numerous other opportunities, it remained for a long time at the narrow 1: 0, Ravensburg’s dangerousness rarely flickered, but in a few moments, she flickered. In the 62nd minute, the Stuttgart Kickerss then played precisely up to the last action, Dicklhuber pushed a precise crosspass over the line. Two pointer turns later served Dicklhuber with a steep pass Braig, which increased free by 3-0. In this result, it remained, a one-sided football match found its deserved winner before 1,111 spectators.

At 15:30, the SGV Freiberg is afraid of the Reutlinger. The domestic SSV went replacement in this highest demanding task, and fought out a compact defensive out bravorous. Nevertheless, a herb had grown against dropped and sworn Freibergers in every situation. So also in the 27th minute, when Reutlingen did not get the ball away after an opposing corner and broke the cross and cross-flying leather over the line. Reutlingen reclaimed away, but the hit was counted. The Underdog answered with courage: a few minutes later, Lennerth pulled off the distance and hit the SGV latte. Likeness of the aluminum, however, also had the leader, in the 49th minute sökler moved to double pass, but the ball jumped back from the post into the field. After just a good hour, the homeland lie a coarse carver in the Freiberger defensive negligent, Dautaj pulled from unfavorable position, rather than to lay down on the freestanding Djermanovic. Guest goalkeeper Burkhardt could parry the shot. Freiberg managed it afterwards, however, to engage in a quiet final phase. Sökler scored the 2-0 (71.), ZinRam followed the 3-0 (77.). Thus, in the title race on this matchday, nothing changed, both favorites did not give up any floors. And Reutlingen? After a good interim spurt in October and November, the SSV brought a point out of five in this calendar year. The relegation zone is thus only two counters removed.

Mourad and Eggert with triple packs

21. Spieltag Oberliga BW Stuttgarter Kickers - SGV Freiberg Spielbericht

In the relegation battle, however, the Freiburg FC turned out. Against basement competitor 1. FC Bruchsal jumped out a crashing 7: 1. In the 5th minute Fries pushed to the lead. After that, the FCB forced the Breisgauer into the defense, Peric succeeded in the 40th minute of deserved compensation. This intermediate did not last long, since already in the 43rd minute Mourad a counterattack to the renewed Freiburg guided tour. Shortly after halftime, Mourad met again (47.), causing a broken salt to more risk, which was punished bitterly. A renewed counter in the 59th minute Mourad used 4: 1. The triple pack was laced, between the 64th and the 85th minute, Eggert also wore three times into the scorer list. The Freiburg FC played more and more in a long time, more and more in a noise and thus receives realistic opportunities on the league.

The breathing of the FSV 08 Bietigheim-Bissingen tried from the Far Pforzheim well to the home. Eight games had to wait for a victory after the 1-0 surprise success against the Stuttgart Stuttgart Kickerss on October 23, on Saturday, this black series took one end. The basis, the guests put the guests very early, in the 4th minute landed a Götz flank at Gerezgian, which enforced freestingly. Similar course a minute later, this time, Kasiar was the beneficiaries left by the opposing defense. Rienhardt would almost recently returned the 1st CFR Pforzheim, but the ball hissed just over. The Bissinger defended very clever in the further course, but not only one, but also had chances of the third goal. Pforzheim left his chances of all and had to digest the third wongless game in a row after two threes at the beginning of the year.

For FC Astoria Walldorf II, it has nothing to jump to jump over the line. The TSG Backnang was simply a strong opponent, who won thanks to a hat tricks of player coach Marinic and a Loris Maier match 4: 1, for Walldorf II met Alexa at the interim 1: 3. Village Features took only one point from the penultimate TSV Ilshofen and the SV Linx secured after 0: 2 residue through goal of Schestakov (68.) and Assembers (90. + 4) still a point against FC Nattingen.

On Sunday, FC Rielasingen-Arlen still receives the table last FV Lörrach-Brombach.